A sad day in Marilla here on the old homestead.  

My wife's late and beloved Uncle Lenny had a barn that was built in the 1800's!  The barn had seen better days, but for Maribeth those "better days" were the wonderful and long summer vacations as a child playing in that barn. 

Now an eyesore (to some, not us) and dangerous, it had to come down...and today in about 45 minutes, it did.

For my wife this was especially sad. Fifty years of wonderful memories came crashing down in less than an hour. She said she thought of the song from Miranda Lambert, "The House That Built Me". Or in this case, the barn that did.  The livestock, hay, feral cats, John Deere tractors and equipment and tools...they're all gone. But never the happy times that live in her heart forever.