There is a farm in Western New York that will pay you when you go visit them. There is no catch, really--they just want you to meet their star attraction, Albert the cow! Every person that goes to the farm is going to get paid 5 bucks! So, when you bring the kids to meet Albert the cow, you can start teaching them how to save money while in the process.

Not only is Albert located on the farm, but donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, and more are at this special farm.

Asha’s Farm Sanctuary in Newfane has started this 'Meet A Cow' program at the beginning of this month and will run all the way through October. You are probably thinking: 'but why are they paying everyone?' and 'that is a lot of money to pay out, especially for a farm'.

Asha’s Farm Sanctuary in Newfane is located at 2969 Coomer Rd, Newfane, NY 14108

So was I. There was a donor that was passionate about cows and said for every person that comes and tours the farm, they will give them $5. In addition, they will donate another 5 bucks right to the Sanctuary.

Guests will have to register before they come and visit. It is a 90 minute guided tour of the sanctuary and even has some complimentary snacks! When you go to register, you will pick out a specific time to come visit. Though, the farm must get this request a lot and therefore decided that they needed to put it in the directions:

During the tour you will hear all about Albert's rescue story and learn about standard practices in animal agriculture.  Please don't ask us to not discuss this during the tour as this is our mission to educate the public."

You can register to take your tour here.

Relive the Glen Amusement Park and Casino

There are parts of Western New York that you never knew existed, and one of those places may be the Glen Amusement Park and Casino.

If you can’t remember an amusement park at this location in Williamsville, that may be because Harry Altman’s Glen Amusement Park and Casino, a center of attractions for western NYers, was destroyed by a massive fire September 1968. A fire destroyed the park in September 1968.

Thankfully, Ron Urban, who grew up in WNY and lived inside the Glen Amusement Park and Casino complex, has held onto photographs from as far back as 1946 when he lived in that childhood home, along the banks of Ellicott Creek and located below the falls.

Even if you weren't able to see the Glen Amusement Park and Casino in person, now you can relive the memory of this historic part of WNY -- all thanks to Ron Urban and the photographs he has kept over the years.

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