It was a sad situation this morning over on the 290. Just quarter before 4 in the morning an early accident involving a motorcycle happened. The New York State DOT was on hand immediately and shut down the portion of the 290 east by Colvin. The highway remained closed and just reopened as of 11:15 this morning.

The traffic was crawling and at a stand-still this morning for about a mile.

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In other traffic news, the border shut down between Canada and the United States is set to run out on Monday. Congrassman Brian Higgins has been working on and advocating that the bridges stay open, or at least partially open so that things can get back to normal. According to our friends over at WIVB:

He blames the federal government’s handling of the pandemic for the border shutdown that’s now been in place for six months.

“On any given day, in the U.S. we have seven to 10 times more COVID-19 cases than Canada does,” Higgins said.

Higgins said the same numbers have led to 27 European nationals also banning travelers from the U.S.

We will know in the upcoming days whether or not, the United States and Canada will renew the shutdown or if it will open back up soon.

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