"Good luck today daddy and make sure you warm up!" That is what our oldest son Hank told me before I left the house on Sunday. It not only caught my attention, but, it was another reminder of how closely these boys are paying attention what we say around the house.

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As the Public Address Announcer for the Buffalo Bills, my day starts early at Bills Stadium. After a 9:30 crew call/meeting, I go over lineups and get my voice ready for the game. But when I am sitting in the PA booth getting ready for my job to start, I am watching the players warm up on the field. It impresses me each week how much time is put in to their pregame routine. Not to mention the hours of practice and studying that goes it to preparing for the next opponent each week. I am constantly sharing that experience with my wife, Elizabeth each week.

To compete at the top level of anything, you have to not only have the talent, but you need to be focused and prepared.

The Buffalo Bills hosted the Seattle Seahawks this week. And the weather was absolutely perfect! Very different from the rain and cold and wind from the last home game. But just like the last game and the others before it, I got to witness Buffalo Bills punter Corey Bojorquez warming up his leg. It wasn't even 10am and he had already punted at least a dozen balls. He already appeared to have his "game face" on and was focused on competing at that top level I was referring to.

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Bojorquez is not unique with his pregame routine. Player after player take the field long before the first snap takes place.

Our three boys watch the games every Sunday with mom while I am at the stadium. Like most dads, I sure would love to see them become a pro athlete. Actually, I would be happy if they were able to compete at the top level of anything they choose to do. But I am always reminding them of what it takes to get there. Focus, hard work and yes, making sure to "warm up good."

I hear so many people say how lucky these athletes are. True, they make tons of money and have lots of fame. It didn't happen overnight. When the cameras are not rolling and there are no fans in the stands to witness it, the players are preparing.

If I can take anything away from this amazing opportunity that I have to be in the stadium for the games, it's the ability to share with our boys what it takes to get to be the best. Win or lose, you need to stay focused and prepared. It's not only part of a great pregame routine for a punter, but for life.

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