There is no more annoying phone call to make.

You have to call you internet provider and try and get them to charge you less than 80 dollars a month for WiFi. THAT IS NOT EVEN INCLUDING TV. Not to mention, some of you still have a landline phone. Your total bill could cost hundreds of dollars, but it is brutally annoying and it is a lot of hassling to try and get it lowers, and it usually does not result in anything.

You kick and scream.

Tell them you'll disconnect and won't use them any more.

But, then you realize that you are in Western New York and we only have one option to get WiFi, generally. How is that fair? We are all thinking the same thing as you. There are only so many times that they will give you those introductory customer prices (LOL)

But, one town, in California is combating that by making broadband a utility bill just like you would see it as a water, electric or gas bill. Now, one officical, here in New York is trying to combat that and is working on proposing the bill.

New York State Senator Sean Ryan promoted a bill he's sponsoring in the legislature that would classify broadband as a utility. According to WGRZ:

The urgent need for universal broadband was really highlighted last year during the pandemic," Ryan said during a virtual press conference hosted by the CWA. "Internet access has been vital to workers, students, people having telemedicine appointments, and as a result, communities without accessible, reliable high-speed internet have faced extra challenges."

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