A study was done recently to find out each state's favorite 90's sitcom.  There were definitely some good ones.  Which one do you think New York claimed as theirs?

I don't remember being asked what my favorite was...but I will agree that many of these are on my list too.

Some of the shows that made the list?

"Friends" was the most popular with 13 states - South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Wyoming, Texas, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Vermont, and Hawaii

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is second with FIVE states - Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

And these ones all had THREE states:

"That '70s Show", which is the top pick in Wisconsin, Idaho, and Montana

"Everybody Loves Raymond", which is big in Connecticut, Arkansas, and Indiana

"The King of Queens", which took New Hampshire, Missouri, and Michigan

"Frasier", which won Washington state, Oklahoma, and Alaska

"Saved By the Bell", which is big in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama

"The Simpsons", which is most popular in California, Virginia, and Oregon


New York wasn't on any of those lists...So which one was the biggest in New York?  It might be a little obvious, but what other sitcom was centered in New York City like this one?

Seinfeld took the top New York honors!

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