As we get ready to go out and celebrate St. Patrick's day this weekend, a lot of adults will go and REALLY enjoy themselves with some beverages.

But I remember as a kid, I never got St. Patrick's day. It really isn't much fun. You wear green and that's about it.

St. Patrick's Day is really for adults!

So what are some other things you, as an adult now, like that you didn't when you were a kid?

1. Naps...No kid wants to take a nap, but as an adult, I could take one right now!

2. Me Time..As a kid, most of us wanted to hang out with our friends all the time. As an adult, I NEED my "me" time!

3. Different Types of food..When you are a kid, you love pizza, chicken nuggets, and Ice Cream, but as an adult trying new foods is amazing. Who would have thought that Asparagus is amazing!!

4. Early Bed Time...As a kid, you tried to stay up all night if you could. As an adult, hitting the hay at 10 pm sounds really nice!!

5. Road Trips...When you are a kid, they can be VERY boring, but as an adult, it is cool to check out places you never been to or take a backroad home!

What would you add to our list?

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