We watch Netflix a lot.  How much is a lot?  According to new data, we streamed a billion hours of programming on Netflix last year.  But what show did we watch most in NY?HighSpeedInternet.com compiled a list to show which shows were watched the most by state.

While my daughter would tell you it's Stranger Things, data would tell you that we watch more Orange Is The New Black here in New York.  As a matter of fact, Orange Is The New Black is the top watched show in many states.  15 of them if I counted right.

Both of which are on my list of favorites.

Click here to see the most popular show in each state.

We've all got our favorites.  Some of mine that are available on Netflix include:

Orange Is The New Black

Stranger Things

The Walking Dead



They're not all Netflix Original programming, but you can see that many of the shows watched on Netflix are.  With a promise to deliver more original programming, what shows that are on this list will disappear next year?



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