It's that time of year again.  Even with all of the work you did this summer to get yourself in shape, you just can't resist when the Girl Scouts come around and start asking, "Would you like to buy some cookies?"  They start selling them this Saturday October 6th and I know that I'm going to have a hard time saying no to one kind in particular.

It's the Caramel Delights that get me.  They used to be called Samoas but have gone through a name change.  Oh man.  They're sooo good!  Caramel, coconut, chocolate, all on a cookie base.  I'm pretty sure it don't get no better!

There are lots of great reasons to buy Girl Scout Cookies.  By doing so, you're empowering her to do some pretty amazing things.  But let's be honest.  Do you need a reason more than how great they taste?

I know that everyone has their own opinions though so I want to know.