The turkey is the iconic food of Thanksgiving right?  Heck, a lot of people call it "Turkey Day."  But how many people will say turkey is their favorite part of the meal?

Not me.

When talking with my friends about what we were most excited about for Thanksgiving dinner, it barely made the top 5.

Here was my top list for Thanksgiving dinner:

1.  Green bean casserole - my absolute favorite part hands down...especially when the fried onions are really crispy.

2.  Stuffing - depending on what kind of stuffing it is, this could contend for the first spot on my list.

3.  Mashed potatoes and gravy - some people would say skip the gravy and go right for the butter.  That's good, but it doesn't compare to real mashed potatoes with gravy on them.

4.  Cranberry sauce - I like the jelled stuff.  Not the real whole cranberries.  It's kind of like jello that you don't have to wait until dessert to eat.

5.  Turkey - I'll admit, if there wasn't turkey, or if someone decided to substitute something else for the turkey, it wouldn't quite feel like Thanksgiving.  But...definitely not my favorite.

Sweet potatoes, yams, and squash - no thanks.  Save the room for the good stuff.

I could also skip the pumpkin pie.  I know a lot of people who HAVE to eat pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving but I've never been a huge fan.

So what would you say is your favorite?  And where does turkey rank on your list?

Truthfully, I'm just grateful to have a meal to eat, and a family to eat it with.  It's one of the best holidays out there where we get to sit back and reflect on what it is that we are most thankful for in our lives.  I hope you have a lot to say thank for this year.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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