You know when you're on a diet and you always say that you wish someone would help you? Hold you accountable? Maybe a personal trainer to slap that burger out of your hands when you make a bad food judgement call?

Well, one restaurant is helping you with your diet and people are calling it "rude" while others are calling it helpful.

This restaurant is WEIGHING you as you walk inside. 

Here's the catch. It can help you with your dieting, so you don't over-order AND it will help you solve that problem of not being able to decide what you want from the menu.

But, why are they doing this? In China, there was a problem with national wasting food and to curb that, they decided to weigh you and then suggest food options based on your weight with the hopes you will eat all of your food. According to BBC,

It then asked diners to enter their measurements into an app that would then suggest menu items accordingly.


Signs reading "be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates" and "operation empty plate" were pinned up."

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If you are dieting, what method are you doing right now? No carbs? Keto? No sugar? Just straight up being prepared and meal prepping? We love to hear what has been working for you to loss some pounds!

Check out the video below and you can see the scale that the restaurant is having people step on!

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