We asked our Facebook friends to describe Hurricane Sandy in three words -- although, some couldn't express what they were thinking in just three words. Here is what they said!

Megan Riley:

Although it might have been a joke to buffalo she damamged a lot of peoples homes, buisness and lives. So lets just be thankful that we are all safe and can go on with our normal day. :)

James Andruszko Jr:

What a crock.

Cody Wilkins

Just another day in WNY

Jeannine Hazelet Kohler

Hurricane..what hurricane!??

Tina Bryant LoGiudice

Lost power for 7 hours and i have three little kids. Glad I bought batteries, candles, bread and milk. Thank you weathermen/women

Marci Lorenz

Glad i stocked up on wine!

April Orlikowski

yay no school

Kait Scheda

Slept like baby

Susan Buffa Nickle

our poor neighbors on the East coast...prayers going their way

Sara Winterkorn-Falsone

Dunno- i was sleeping

Deniece Kujawa

My ceilings leaking ...

Renee Bryant

buffalo escaped again...thank god!!!!

Amy DiStefano

Sandy who?