Thanksgiving has come and gone and you've eaten just about all the turkey sandwiches and soup that you can possibly stomach.  So what do you do with the rest of the leftovers?  Can you give them to your pets?

Some of them, yes...some of them, no.  While your pets will probably initially love it, some of those delicious Thankgiving foods can be toxic or even deadly for your pets.

Obviously your vet will know best what is ok for your specific pet.  Be sure to check with them before you feed your pet anything.

In general though, according to, these are the foods you can and cannot feed to your pets.

Turkey - Yes, but not the skin or bones.

Stuffing - NO!  While the bread is ok, certain other ingredients (onions, grapes, rasins) could be toxic especially for dogs.

Pumpkin Pie - They say no, however canned pumpkin is ok for them and could aid in digestion.

Sweet potatoes - Yes, but hold the marshmallows.

Click here for the entire list of things that your pet should and shouldn't eat plus other Thanksgiving hazards and ways to protect your pets.

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