You've heard it a lot over the last couple of weeks.  It's been 25 years since the Bills last led the AFC East.  But this weekend, they can clinch the title.

It was 1995 the last time the Bills were at the top of the AFC East.  Back then, the Indianapolis Colts were still in our division.  That's how long ago it was.  Since then, The Patriots have really owned the division.

But this year is different.  And it's not just because Tom Brady left.  This team has been good.  They've had their ups and downs just like any other team, but so far in 2020, The Buffalo Bills are giving their fans some real hope.

This weekend, they can change their bad fortune and clinch the AFC East.  Here's what it will take:

1.  Beat the Broncos - As the late Al Davis used to say, "Just win baby!"  The Bills can clinch the AFC East this weekend with a win over the Broncos.  If the Bills win, nothing else matters.

2.  Patriots Win - The Dolphins are on a bit of a roll.  Even though they lost a tough game to the Kansas City Chiefs last week, the Dolphins are a tough team to play.  So this weekend we are actually rooting for New England.

3.  The Bills Tie the Broncos and The Dolphins Tie the Patriots - It's not all that often that you see a game end in a tie in the NFL (although they DO happen).  But if both those games end in a tie this weekend, The Bills will be crowned the AFC East Champs.


Now, if the Bills lose, and the Dolphins win, the Bills can still clinch a playoff berth with a Ravens loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend.

Go Bills!


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