If you have been out grocery shopping chances are that in order to save time you went and used a self-checkout. But what would you do if you make a mistake while checking out.

See, this happened to me over the weekend. My wife Elizabeth and I went to the store to pickup a couple of things for the Bills game on Sunday. The store was busy so we decided to use the self-check. We were both scanning items and putting them back into the bag and didn't realized until we got home that we never scanned a package of hotdogs.

So basically we stole $13 of meat by accident. So now what do we do? Do we forget it and just call it compensation for us checking ourselves out? Do we return to the store and go to customer service and say we forgot to pay and pay up, or do we just double scan a package of hotdogs next time we go back?

What would you do?


Here is what we did...we went back to the store and went to customer service. We paid for the hotdogs and we told to be more careful scanning next time.

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