The new laws are going into effect this fall. There are new federal regulations on what schools can and can't serve or offer in vending machines. The healthier alternatives such as low-calorie snacks and lunches will be placed in the nation's 100,000-plus schools.

Here is a portion of what you can expect:

The rule would only allow sales in high schools of sodas and sports drinks that contain 60 calories or less in a 12-ounce serving, banning the highest-calorie versions of those beverages.
Many companies already have developed low-calorie sports drinks – Gatorade's G2, for example – and many diet teas and diet sodas are also available for sale.
Elementary and middle schools could sell only water, carbonated water, 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice, and low fat and fat-free milk, including nonfat flavored milks.

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