Clay brings a bag of food into work nearly every day. A collection of fruit, yogurt, sometimes a breast of chicken. People these days either brown bag it or grab a sandwich or a salad at a restaurant for lunch.

Same thing for school kids. A lot of kids eat both lunch and breakfast at school and for some families those meals are free.

But whatever happened to lunch boxes?

Does anybody bring lunch boxes to work or school anymore?

There was a time when almost every kid had a lunch box and included was a thermos bottle to keep milk or juice cold.

And the theme of those lunch boxes reflected the times….with cartoon characters, TV shows, movies, athletes and bands.

It was mainly three companies who competed with each other to sell metal school lunch boxes and between 1950 and 1985 there were more than 450 different designs.

The most popular school lunch box of all time was the Disney Company’s school bus lunch box that had a raised, rounded top where you could store the thermos.

Metal lunch boxes started to disappear in the mid 80’s and a lot of it had to do with the lobbying of parents in Florida who claimed the metal boxes were being used as weapons in fights.

Most of the school lunch boxes today are made of plastic.

But some of those classic metal boxes are available on eBay for hundreds of dollars.