We LOVE our food in Buffalo but do we consider ourselves foodies? There has been a boom of new restaurants opening in the area and they range all over the map in price, location and cuisine. In honor of October 16th being World Food Day, WalletHub released a study that determined the best and cheapest local foodie scenes! WalletHub was able to use data to "set ranges from affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants to food festivals per capita to craft breweries and wineries per capita". You can see the full report on WalletHub's article, but here are the highlights!

Source: WalletHub

So where does Buffalo rank? It's not outstanding but it's definitely impressive when you see the cities Buffalo was up against! Buffalo ranked 31st in terms of The Best Foodie Cities in America. Buffalo ranked high in "Diversity, Accessibility and Quality" but ranked lower in "Affordability".

2017’s Best Foodie Cities in America


You can see the full list of the city ranks HERE and see the study behind the results.

It looks like Buffalo is on the path to dominate another national study! Here's to growth in 2018!