The United States Olympic Committee have announced that they will be bidding on bringing the Summer Olympics back on American soil. Though, the host city will not be announced it will be between

Los Angeles, Washington, Boston and San Francisco

all who will have to continue to pitch their staging proposals USOC board of directors. The last time the Summer Olympics have been in the United States was back in 1996 when Atlanta hosted. According to Yahoo:

All four cities have said it would cost between $4 billion and $5 billion to host the Olympics, not including infrastructure improvements such as airport expansion, public transit and highway upgrades which could take the price up as high as $9 billion or $10 billion.

Many other countries will make stiff competition to the U.S. including possibly Germany and Italy.

According to Yahoo, the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi cost Russia an estimated $51 billion and the Olympic Committee now believes that crazy cost may scare other countries from bidding.