There is ALWAYS a Western New York connection, right?

Who do you know is a fan of the NBC TV show 'This Is Us'? Because there is one character who has a connection to the Western New York area.

Chrissy Metz who plays Mandy Moore's child as one of the triplets, Kate, on the hit show 'This Is Us', has a connection to Buffalo. Metz has a country song that is starting to hit the country airwaves called 'Talking To God'. I was talking to someone that is on the team of Metz, who has a record deal with Universal Music Group's Nashville imprint, EMI. The guy I was talking to was actually from Brockport.

Grew up there, went to Brockport.
He knows Buffalo.

He goes, 'hey I don't know if you watch 'This is Us'....I immediately stopped him and interrupted and said 'dang right we do we love that show in our house' and he goes on to say 'you know Chrissy's family is from NT right?' That's how you can be sure that this guy I was talking to IS a WNY guy even though he's a big shot in Nashville: refereed to North Tonawanda as NT.

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Apparently, the story goes that Chrissy's family was from here. Her mom actually graduated from Ken West in the 70's. After the family started to get going, they moved to Florida and grew up in the Sunshine State. You can catch This Is Us when it returns in the fall on Channel 2, at least for a little while longer.

There may only be 2 more seasons of the show, though. Issac Aptaker, the executive producer of the show says that it may be over sooner than we think:

If Isaac's rough estimate is to be believed, we're looking at six (seasons total). The showrunners have several seasons' worth of plot already outlined, but that's it: The series finale is already written, and in what Isaac told Deadline will be "about three seasons," we'll stop hearing from the Pearson family entirely", according to

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