When it comes to the news in Buffalo, one word that could sum it up for 2023 would probably be "change."  We've seen a lot of it here.

2023 was the year of change in Buffalo News

It's not uncommon to see new sets on TV news stations.  Certain programs or segments come and go.  Logos and graphics packages change all the time.  This year though, it feels like we've seen a ton of movement with the personalities that deliver our news.  From anchors to meteorologists, many of the people who started at one station at the beginning of the year, have either moved to another station or left the news altogether.

WGRZ seems to have seen the most movement

The top three local news stations in Buffalo would be WGRZ (local channel 2), WIVB (local channel 4), and WKBW (local channel 7).  While every one of those stations saw people leave, without a doubt, WGRZ has lost the most.  Of the top 10 that we've reported on this year, six of the 10 came from that one station.

Where are they all going?

As of right now, we don't know where they're going.  Some have left to go to other stations, others have left to take jobs in other markets, and some are just leaving news to go experience life as a parent, or a newly married couple.

Here are some of the anchors and reporters and anchors who have left the station they started with in 2023:

1. Abby Fridman - Abby was the morning anchor on WIVB before leaving in April.  She moved up the 90 and is currently at WHAM in Rochester, NY.


2. Elyse Smith - Elyse was a weather person at WGRZ.  In late April, she announced her last day.  She is currently a meteorologist and weather reporter at ABC 13 in Houston.

3. Michael Wooten - The announcement came in August that after 14 years with WGRZ, anchor Michael Wooten was leaving.  The circumstances of Michael Wooten were never really cleared up.  He is still on the air in Buffalo as he has moved over to WKBW.

4. Hannah Buehler - Hannah was an anchor on WKBW for 10 years before announcing her resignation.  She said that she was going to step away to spend time with her family in September.

5. Carl Lam - In October, meteorologist Carl Lam decided to leave and headed to WKYC in Northeast Ohio.

6. Kate Welshofer - In October, an email was sent to employees at WGRZ that after 6 years, Kate would be leaving before the end of the year.  There is no word as to where she will be going next.


7. Jordyn Jenna - Former Channel 4 WIVB meteorologist Jordyn Jenna announced on her social media on October 13th that she was no longer with the station. Her contract expired and she did not renew with the company.  This announcement is the last post on her X page.

8. Danielle Church - Also in October, Danielle Church announced that she was ready for something new and that she would be leaving WGRZ and "the business."


9. Maria Genero - Maria is a Buffalo Broadcaster Hall of Fame member and has been in this market for decades. She announced in November that she would be leaving. According to Genero her reason for leaving WGRZ was to "pursue interests other than weather forecasting." December 21st will be her last day.

10.  Chris Horvatits - This is one of the most recently announced departures.  He has been serving as the morning anchor on WIVB's morning show "Wake Up" but will be leaving by the end of the year.

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