Western New York is a pretty average region for wildlife.

We get the standard animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, rabbits and so on. Even bugs aren't really that special in this part of the country.

One animal was recently spotted in West Seneca and the post on Facebook from the West Seneca Police Department went crazy on Facebook; just because of how rare this animal is in Western New York.

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We have plenty of deer around here but have you ever spotted a white deer? More specifically, a Seneca White Deer.
The post got almost 2,000 shares in just seven hours on the WSPD’s Facebook page.

Albino deer are extremely rare. There’s only a 1 in a about 30,000 chance to see a white deer, compared to a normal one.

Seneca White Deer are a rare breed who live (lived) in the Seneca County Depot in Seneca County, New York; which is located in the Finger Lakes region.

Many commenters on the post said it’s the same deer they have spotted before in backyards and parks. This deer has apparently been roaming around for the last few years as residents say they have spotted him before.

I have never seen this deer before, not have I seen any rare white deer, but what a sight for sure. He looks like a reindeer. I think majestic is the right word for him, what a creature.

Have you seen him before?

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