After hearing the new hit from Chase Rice called "Three Chords and the Truth," I thought I would share a hit from Sara Evans with the same title. Country music at it's finest and at it's core is based on three chords and the lyrics speak the truth about life, love and their many ups and downs.

Chase Rice gives and edgy modern feel to his song when he sings about truck beds, girls and Johnny Cash and how music is the glue that solidifies these things.

It's why we drink too much on Friday nights
Raise our hand in the neon lights
Sweet Home Alabama and Ring of Fire
I could sing along 'til the day I die
Why we break and fall back in love
Why we roll around in a bed of a truck
Why we all stop when we hear that one and she whispers turn it up

Sara Evans pours out the motions of a love lost and heartbreak and how music can help heal the wounds.

And I don't know why, I don't know how
But with his song he turned my life and
This old car around
Just when I thought I was over you
He changed my life with three chords and the truth


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