A lot of pet owners have anxiety around the holidays because they're waiting for some disaster to happen with the tree. Dogs tails can be dangerous and cats are curious creatures who like shiny objects and climbing on things they should. I'm lucky, Spartacus The Diabetic Cat has no interest in the tree! he will occasionally walk by and sniff but that's the extent. However, Spartacus still has his Christmas crazy! HE IS ADDICTED TO RIBBONS! All of the presents in the house have to be plain because this guys will destroy them! He gets these crazy eyes and can't stop. I decided to take some video to try and show you and I think he knew and wouldn't let his full crazy show. I decided to bring back and old trick to show you how much he loves ribbons. You'll see in the video that he has choice between a treat and ribbon.... Just so you know, I know how dangerous ribbon can be and that's why it's never used. He was under complete supervision during this and was never left alone with the ribbon!

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