A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes in front of the sun, completely covering it. While it's not a once in a lifetime occurrence it does only happen once every 18 months or so, and even then not everyone can see it.

So #TotalSolarEclipse2017 is rolling around an certain people across the county will be able to see the sun completely covered by the moon on August 21st. Obviously it's hard to put an start time on the total eclipse because it's going to be different depending on where you live but you can check times for cities across the country HERE. Unfortunately, WNY will not be able to see the total solar eclipse but the area will still get an eclipse. The eclipse will start to be visible in Buffalo around 1 and then the most coverage of the sun will happen around 2:30pm.

Check out this awesome animation that will show you how WNY will see the the total eclipse. You can see in the animation that Buffalo and all of New York State will not be seeing the total solar eclipse, but the view will still be cool for the entire state.

If you are going to be viewing the solar eclipse you NEED to wear special solar eclipse glasses that according to Space.com these four retailers have the glasses that meet the safety standards set by NASA - Rainbow SymphonyAmerican Paper OpticsThousand Oaks Optical and TSE 17.

Sunglasses will not have the protection you need for you eyes to view the eclipse. DO NOT look at the eclipse with out proper protection.

Learn more about the total solar eclipse at space.com. 


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