Mailboxes are about to get much bigger in New York State if the United State Postal Service can get it's way.

These days, the only mail that seems to come to the house is either junk mail or larger packages. Most of the business, like bills and such, are taken care of online or in a digital form.

As the way we shop and send things changes, so does the need for ways to deliver and receive these items. The United States Postal Service recognizes these changes and is planning ahead.

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According to many reports, the USPS is going to offer larger mailboxes.

In a statement from the United States Postal Service, it was noted that people were encouraged to "Replace your small mailbox1 with a new package-friendly mailbox big enough for all your mail, too. Get details on package mailbox sizes and proper installation, plus find retailers that sell USPS® approved parcel mailboxes".

This is a great idea as it seems like our mail delivery person is constantly having to put the vehicle in park and walk to the house with medium to large size items. This must get exhausting and annoying as it means a longer delivery day. The down side to this, for those who get lots of snow, a larger mailbox seems like an easier target for the snowplows! It can be so frustrating when they get smashed and need to be replaced after a snowstorm.

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