Will American Idol be able to produce an actual American idol this season?  We’ve seen artists soar to the top of the charts in the early years of Idol.  Obviously Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson did their part to give Idol credit in bringing America top notch acts from the show.

The "American Idol" Season 10 Judges'

  But most of the artists winning the title of “American Idol” haven’t gone on to huge success at shows and on the charts.  Quite honestly I can’t remember the names of most of the Idol season winners.  Sure there is Carrie, Kelly and?  Well okay those who didn’t win have had success like Daughtry and ???.  Will that change with the change of the show and its judges this year?  Maybe.  The show’s 10th season will begins tomorrow night  with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining Randy Jackson as judges.  Ryan Seacrest remains the show’s host. 

All four appeared on the tonight show with Jay Leno last week and told Jay what their looking for in talent this season.

Lopez said she’s looking for “the whole package...a real artist who can contribute to the music industry for a long time.”  J-Lo further described who the judges are looking for as “Somebody who has a message and can say it through their voice.”

Tyler said he was looking for someone who’s “not so contrived” and put together, but has that “certain something that you can’t put a finger on.”  On the Aerosmith front, Tyler stated he took the Idol gig for something to do, but noted that his band will be getting together in L.A  at the end of this month to start work on a record.

Randy Jackson said he didn’t talk to Simon Cowell before Lopez and Tyler were announced as judges, but  when Cowell heard the news he proclaimed them “two great choices.”  Randy said one of the big surprises he got while touring the country during contestant searches for the upcoming season was how much talent there was in Milwaukee.

It all sounds pretty familiar to me, but I’m not one to judge.  Well I will at least wait to see a couple of the new season episodes before I do rush to judgment. Watch the judges on Leno here

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