It's becoming normal to hear about things being cancelled or postponed these days. What's not normal is when things were JUST scheduled and they're already postponed.

Major League Baseball just started up last week.  Along with the start of the season, Buffalonians got some good and bad news from the Toronto Blue Jays.  The good news was that we were about to get major league baseball games right in our own city.  The Toronto Blue Jays would play their home games here.  The bad news was that we wouldn't be able to go see them.  There would be no fans in the stands. was kind of cool to think about some of the talent that would be playing in our stadium.

But already games are having to be postponed.

They've had an explosion of players and coaches who have tested positive for coronavirus over the last couple days.  According to ESPN, the Marlins have at least 14 players and coaches who have tested positive in the past week.  They were supposed to have their home opener against the Baltimore Orioles tonight but after 8 players and two coaches have tested positive, they've decided to postpone.  This comes after 4 players tested positive on Sunday.

That's going to change a lot of their schedule.  They are scheduled to play here in Buffalo against the Toronto Blue Jays on August 11th but will that happen now?  Do teams even want that to happen?

Now the question is raised about where the infections happened.  The Marlins played in Atlanta before they traveled to Philadelphia where they are currently staying and undergoing more tests.

Where does baseball go if this becomes normal for teams?



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