The official start of the school year may be delayed in Williamsville if the teachers have anything to say about it.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many challenges. But the biggest seems to be how to effectively, and safely, get kids either back to school or properly educated from a remote place.

According to at least one report, The Williamsville Teachers Association wants to delay the start of school. In an email sent out this week, teachers said they do not have the necessary personal protective equipment to reopen schools. They're also asking for clarification on mask policies.

The new start date would be September 14th.

Even though the last school year ended with most students learning from home, it was modeled after a temporary situation. This new school year and style of learning will most likely be anything but temporary as the policies and the rules seem to change each week.

We are getting ready for our oldest son Hank's first day of Pre-K and it is interesting to think that eh will never know the "old" way of going to school or what a full classroom and full school week was. You hate to say it, but the "new normal" is going to be the only normal that kids like Hank and his younger brothers will ever know when it comes to their education.

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