It's already Week 10 for football and the prizes continue with Luke Combs tickets!

Every single week during Clay & Company on 106.5 WYRK, we will be giving you some really cool prizes every time there is a Buffalo football game.

So far this season, we have given away Josh Allen jerseys, Luke Combs tickets for his Saturday, April 20 show at Highmark Stadium, and more!

How Do You Get A Square?

Listen for the cue to call on Clay & Company every week, Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM - 10 AM. The 'cue to call' is the sound of football players tackling each other. When you hear that, call 716-842-9975 for your square.

Alternatively, you can also win a square by sending 'GO BILLS' to the WYRK app. However, we receive hundreds of app entries, and only a handful are randomly selected from those entries.

Entries will close at 10 AM on game day.

How To Find Out You Won A Square

Every game day in Buffalo, we post the squares and the names that qualify the morning of the game. If you message us on the app, we will send you a confirmation message that usually says:

"Hello (insert name), you've got a square! Make sure you watch for the Buffalo football squares on Facebook later today! - Clay, Kadie, & Rob"

Check the board below for this week's squares for the Denver game.

How Often Can You Get A Square?

Every week, you get a chance at a Buffalo football square (so long as Buffalo is not on a *bye week*). We will also do a board for the big game in February, regardless if Buffalo is playing or not!

Fingers crossed that they will be in the running for February. 

Good luck, and let's go Buffalo!

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