The latest installment in the DC Comic Books/Superhero collection of movies comes out this Friday and you could win tickets to see it on Useless Trivia.

His real name is Billy Batson but you can call him SHAZAM.  He's really just a teenager trying to find his way, but he's been given some incredible powers from a wizard and tasked with protecting Fawcett City.

He simply has to speak the name "Shazam" and he is struck by a thunderbolt and turned into an adult superhero with the power of six immortal elders (Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury).


Look good?

Win tickets to go see this movie when it comes out at Flix Stadium 10 on Transit Rd. in Lancaster by answering Useless Trivia each weekday at 2:20pm with Brett Alan.  Flix Stadium 10 is the only theater with D-Box Motion seats - seats that move with the movie!

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