Christmas is only one week away and it's hard to believe that the month is going this quickly.

One thing December, 2021 will be remembered for in Western New York, and that's a roller coaster. We've seen seasonable temperatures with snow showers (last Wednesday was definitely that), but we've also seen wild weather with crazy windstorms and 60-degree temperatures.

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The weather will be a storyline in the week to come. This Saturday will feature a light storm with snow showers north of Buffalo, freezing rain and sleet in the City of Buffalo, and rain towards the Pennsylvania border, according to WIVB. Accumulations should only be 1-3 inches for many, into Sunday morning.

After a cooler and quiet start to next week, there's a chance of something brewing for Christmas.

Mike Cejka of WIVB 4 Warn Weather says that computer models for a few days now have been pointing to a winter storm around Christmas for Buffalo.

Christmas Eve might have mixed showers for the morning, with snow showers possible overnight. Then, Christmas Day would have rain for the morning and snow for the afternoon, with plenty of wind and even the chance of lake effect snow.

The forecast for Buffalo with The Weather Channel echoes that sentiment, with rain, snow and wind for Christmas Eve and Day.

Again, this forecast could very well change, but something to keep an eye on. Last year we got maybe more snow than we bargained for Christmas Eve night through December 26th, with a foot of snow in Buffalo. This won't be that, but a mix of everything to possibly make travel more difficult.

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