It feels like those 50-plus degree temperatures are long gone by now, even though it was just 24-48 hours ago for New York State.

The colder weather has worked its way into the picture once again, and there's about to be a great deal of snow that will strike the state soon.

You may have heard about an impending winter storm that is working its way up into the northeast. That winter storm will be here late Thursday night and through much of Friday in New York State.

It really depends on where you are in the northeast that will determine what kind of precipitation you receive, and if it's snow, just how many inches.

Those in Pennsylvania and areas south will get mostly freezing rain and rain showers, but snow is the story for New York State, and the further east and north you go, the snow totals become greater.

Over 20 New York State counties will be under a Winter Storm Warning, which includes Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis, Hamilton, Essex, Warren and Saratoga counties.

The National Weather Service is forecasting 8-12 inches of snow likely for areas off of Lake Ontario. 6-8 inches for those in the Finger Lakes region, and only 4-6 inches for those in Western New York, near Buffalo.

If you live in central or upstate New York, you'll see more snow totals than areas in Western New York and New York City.

The storm will arrive late Thursday night and into Friday. It looks like Friday morning will be the worst of the storm, so drive safe tomorrow and leave yourself plenty of extra time.

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