Christmas Eve is a special time for families in Western New York.  If you'd rather spend your time visiting instead of cooking, here is a list of restaurants that will be open.

When I was growing up, one of the best parts of Christmas was the dinner that we would go out for on Christmas Eve.  It was something that started out as an accident.  We would always go to visit my grandma that night and one night it got late.  Instead of rushing home and having to cook a dinner ourselves we stopped off at a restaurant on the way home.  The next year we went back to that same place.  Then year after year we would go there.  It became a tradition until it ended up closing.

We wanted to continue that tradition and as our family grew, so did the number for the reservation.  It got harder and harder to do.  If it's a tradition for your family to go out every year but it's tough to find a restaurant that is open, I thought I might help you out a bit.  I asked on facebook if people worked at a restaurant that would be open on Christmas Eve and what time.

I was surprised by how many people said their restaurant would be!  There was everything from smaller diners to fancier restaurants.  Some of them close early that day, but nonetheless, they're open.

Remember to take care of the staff if you are going out.  The time that you get to spend with your family, they're having to work.  In fewer words, remember to TIP BIG.

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