There's been news the past few days of reopening plans for school districts across Western New York and at least one will have body temperature scanners as students enter the school.

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According to WIVB, the Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District will have body temperature scanners to check if any student walking in has a high temperature.

Parents will also text the school before they arrive to let them know if they are free of COVID-19 symptoms.

Half the students will come on Monday and Tuesday, the other half on Thursday and Friday. Some students will also eat lunch in the gymnasium, to give more space to the cafeteria.

The body scanners can pick up a fever within seconds.

“We wanted to ensure that everybody walking through our doors including staff are free of a temperature and so these scanning cameras can really scan about 20 individuals at a time, says superintendent Andrea Galenski. Of course we will be socially distancing, we won’t have crowds of people all coming in at one time, and then it will let us know with a little marking that someone looks like they’re experiencing a temperature and so we will have the nurse reassess them.”

Plastic barriers will also be around each desk as a precaution.

You can read more at WIVB.

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