It was announced last week by Governor Andrew Cuomo that schools could open for the fall here in New York State.

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However, even though schools have the green light to do so, it doesn't mean there aren't many questions left unanswered, as well as the uncertainty of the new restrictions.

According to WIVB, one school district will be taking some drastic measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Grand Island Central School District will have L-shaped plastic barriers around desks, as well as keeping six feet apart.

They also expect only 10-11 students on each bus every day, as oppose to the 40 students they averaged last fall.

Grand Island also intends to have a hybrid system. Some students will come in Monday and Tuesday. Everyone is off on Wednesday. The rest of the students come in Thursday and Friday.

When not at school, students will be learning virtually.

“Parents want to know more information about a hybrid, parents want to know more information if they choose to be 100% virtual plan, says Grand Island superintendent Dr. Brian Graham. Parents want to know when can we evaluate the circumstances to open up to five days of instruction.”

Would you want plastic barriers around desks at your child's school this fall?

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