We're winding down summertime but for many people, the summer season is over. It's after Labor Day, kids are now back in school and we are just 17 days away from the official start of autumn.

However, if you look outside and just spend time outdoors, you know that the warmth is still very much here. It will be 80 degrees Wednesday and Thursday, before some cooler air moves in for the weekend and into next week.

We still have plenty of time left to enjoy outdoor activities. The easiest and arguably best kind of warm-weather activity is enjoying beverages on a patio.

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There is perhaps no better home in Western New York to do that than this gorgeous property that just hit the market on Grand Island, near Buffalo.

Listed on Zillow for $900,000, this home has been dubbed "The Boat House."

It sits along the Niagara River with multiple patios and decks, including its own dock. The leveled design makes you think you're at a luxurious mansion along the ocean.

The main bedroom has its own patio deck, with a ton of space inside in both the kitchen and living room. There are multiple fridges and stoves, and there's even a pool room for those who want to spend some time with family or friends. The billiard room has its own kitchen and bar as well.

The views are unmatched. You see the entire Niagara River and the Grand Island Bridge. The privacy around the property is noticeable too.

Check out some photos below.

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