Here in Buffalo, we've really seen the temperatures start to change the past week or so. It'll be warmer on Monday but that downward trend will slowly continue, until, wait for it...snow.

According to WKBW's Aaron Mentkowski, the winter weather will take its time to get consistent but when it does, expect below-average temperatures and above-average snow totals by the second half of winter.

The prediction is that our 2019-2020 snow totals will be above normal.

"As we look into early 2020 we can get ready to hear the term “Polar Vortex” a lot. Once the frigid air over the Arctic is unlocked you can expect temperatures to tumble across the eastern Great Lakes.

As this push of polar air makes its way across Western New York our snow totals will begin to pile up. We expect a harsh second half to the winter season and by the time all is said and done our snow totals will be above normal for the 2019-2020 winter season."

The snow totals last winter were about 24 inches above normal and you should expect that same range once again.

All I ask is we get snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Even if the winter was as harsh as last year, I think we can handle it.

Read the full winter outlook at WKBW.

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