You be the judge here.

Should the use of e-cigarettes be banned in public places? The Health and Human services committee is will begin talks of possibly banning vaping in public places where traditional cigarettes aren't allowed. According to EverSmoke, some e-cigs have nicotine while others may not. So, who's to say you or your kids are not breathing in some nicotine while someone is using one by you? Is there nicotine in them? According to EverSmoke:

Yes and no. You can have cartridges with different levels of nicotine, ranging from 6mg-18mg with EverSmoke for instance, as well as 0mg nicotine cartridges if you choose to go that route. While the nicotine levels may vary, most electronic cigarette companies do offer nicotine-free options.

Erie County Legislator Pete Savage said:

"We're talking about the unintended consequences. The use of by children and young people. Are we forming new habits and new, new potentially dangerous activities and the use in public places. People have a right to free clean air environment".

It'll be interesting to see answers from people that smoke versus non-smoking.


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