After the near hurricane force winds on Wednesday, thousands are without power and schools are closed. The gusts got as high as 81 miles per hour in the Rochester area and thousands of trees are down and branches are scattered everywhere.Here are a few of the tree services from around Western New York that may be of assistance to those who need professional help in their yards.

Expert Tree Service of East Aurora


Davey Tree of Buffalo,NY


Tony's Tree and Landscaping

Buffalo (716) 568-4473

Rochester (585) 286-3620

Professional Tree Care of Lancaster

(716) 681-9663

Schneck's Tree Removal

(716) 675-7098

Nard's Tree Service

(716) 983 3411

Wyoming County

Take Down Tree Services of WNY

(585) 409 5738

Greg's Tree Service

(716) 892 0885 - Buffalo

(716) 683-2453-Suburbs


NEVER attempt to remove trees or branches near or on power lines without consulting a professional or having them do the job.

According to National Grid:

Important Note:

During or after any storm event, consider all downed wires to be energized and dangerous, including telephone, fiber optic and cable TV wires. They may be in contact with energized electric wires that are not within your view. To report downed electric wires, please call 1-800-465-1212.
Power and utility companies work year round to keep trees and branches away from lines and cables.
National Grid utilizes a technique called “directional pruning” in order to naturally “train” and direct growth away from the wires. This method is a true benefit to the health of the tree as it reduces disease and decay entry points. This pruning practice was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service and is endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture, the National Arbor Day Foundation and other tree-care professionals around the world.We only hire certified contractors to do this work.Working efficiently as possible, we schedule trimming by geographic location. Unless there is a significant tree hazard affecting the electric wires in your area, we do not perform tree trimming outside of our trimming schedule. National Grid’s trimming is limited to tree branches that affect electric wires only. We do not trim trees or branches

that affect individual customer service lines or phone and cable wires.




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