June is here and the countdown is on for the official start of summer! With the Memorial Day holiday behind us and a new month, it is time to think about the heat and humidity we get this time of the year. It will be here but not before some changes this week.

Temperatures will climb above 90 on the next few days around Western New York.

In a Tweet from the National Weather Service office out of Buffalo,NY, it was noted that

Bigger weather highlight of the week is showers and some thunderstorms Wednesday night through Thursday with heavy downpours and gusty winds main hazards. Attention then will turn to building summertime heat and humidity starting this weekend.

The weather had been mostly dry over he last couple of weeks. Last Friday was certainly cold and nasty but that was a rare day during the month of May. With June arrives the beginning of hurricane season nationally and the storm season here in Western New York. It may be a good idea to get prepared for what that might bring. Get your generator ready for power outages and have some backup food and supplies ready.

As far as the heat goes, out west many places already seeing well over 100 degrees! Summer actually begins on June 20th this year but Mother Nature has other plans and is giving us a taste of the midsummer dog days as early as this coming weekend!

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