Have you ever been driving around Western New York and you see something crazy? 

It’s happened to everyone at some point or another, but I doubt you have experienced something like this. 

A friend of mine was driving to work across town when she saw something scurry across her windshield quickly, but she had to do a double take when she realized…the creature was in her car! 

After frantically pulling the car over, she got a closer look at the creature now perched on her passenger side door.


It was a mouse!

A fluffy mouse, at that…which made me wonder, is this mouse pregnant?


“That’s what I’m afraid of,” my friend said.

Her husband purchased a live trap with some peanut butter, but she had to manage to get the vehicle home after her shift at work. 

‘I just hope nobody crawls up my leg while I’m driving home.”

Turns out, mice will seek a warm place to stow away for winter, and sometimes, that means they may make a home out of your car. 

Cars and other vehicles offer ideal shelter for mice and small mammals due to the small spaces that provide shelter from the wind and protection from their predators.

Those spaces in your car are more likely to be targeted if your car has been recently driven and the engine is still warm. 

The best defense against a mouse infiltration is to park your car in a secure, mouse-proof location, such as a garage, but if you do not have this capability and you do end up finding a mouse in your car, a trap or toxic bait can be used to remove the mouse from your car (though hopefully you never experience this winter dilemma).

I have to give props to my friend for not completely crashing the car in her shock, because I don’t think I could have said the same. 

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