There's only a few days left in the month of March, which means that the warmer weather is truly close enough to look ahead to. This is Western New York, so we still have to deal with another two to three weeks of shaky weather, but the end is near for cold, wet and snowy weather.

The arrival of spring means that we can look forward to all those summertime food places reopening. Whether they're an ice cream place or an outdoor patio restaurant, these places help make Buffalo so attractive from April to September.

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There are already quite a few ice cream places that have reopened for the 2023 season, including all the Dairy Queens (ice cream-only locations). Kone King in West Seneca also recently reopened for 2023.

Did you know there's a new ice cream place in Hamburg? Many south-town residents may not know this, but they opened up last May-June and are about to have their first full warm-weather season in Hamburg.

It's called Woody's Ice Cream Shack and it's located on the corner of Southwestern Blvd. and South Park Ave. Right across from Towne House and the Kwik Fill.

Woody's sells Perry's Ice Cream and even those flavors that you can only find at certain ice cream stands. Some of the new flavors include red velvet and sea salt caramel coffee.

They added a full patio and are ready to reopen this Saturday, April 1st.

My parents live in Hamburg and I went to physical therapy nearby for a few weeks last summer, so I drove by a few times and had no idea they were open. It's a superb location for an ice cream place -- it gets extremely busy at that intersection.

Getting ready for summertime!

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