There are all kinds of quirky things that you can visit in New York State.  If you're a spiritual person, this might be one that you'll want to put on your bucket list.

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We've seen tons of huge churches.  But have you ever seen the world's smallest church?  It's right here in New York State in a town called Oneida.

Where is Oneida, New York?

Oneida is a small town just east of Syracuse and west of Albany, New York.  There are just over 11,000 people who live there.  It is about as "Central New York" as it gets.  It's said to be centrally located among Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Boston, and New York City.

The church is called the Cross Island Chapel

Yes, it really is on an Island.  It sits on a dock in the middle of a pond.  To get there, take the 90 and exit at exit 33. Turn west on Rte 365. Then turn right on Sconondoa Rd., at the "Town of Vernon" sign. The church is in the middle of a pond to the right of a fork in the road.

How small is the church?

It says how big the church is right on a billboard sign out by the road.  According the the sign, the church was built in 1989 as a non-denominational church that is open to the public by request.  It is 51" by 81" which turns out to be 28.68 square feet.  You can fit only 2 people in the church at a time.

Have they ever had a wedding there?

According to Roadside America, they have.  Although, they were only able to fit the couple and the minister in the church.  The rest of the bridal party had to anchor down in a boat and the rest of the guests had to stay on the shore.

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