If you have lived in New York State long enough, then you know that there are certain things that you deal with here.

Things such as the high taxes and the awful weather, which lasts a fairly long time, since our winters can be so brutal; so brutal that they can bring traffic to a standstill.

For car owners, New York can be a difficult state to drive in because of all of those factors. There's also a strict vehicle registration and a yearly vehicle inspection, which must be signed off by the state (which can result in a ticket or worse).

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When it comes to the weather, there are parts of New York that are particularly brutal. Those who live off Lake Erie or Lake Ontario have to contend with lake effect snow, which can drop inches or even feet of snow in one event, causing undrivable conditions and even when conditions can be driven, it takes a lot time and you better have the right kind of vehicle for it.

Then there's the high price of gasoline, which makes the decision of purchasing or leasing a car very important, since there are quite a few things you have to take into consideration. Those prices can also fluctuate.

Basically, there are certain types of vehicles you probably shouldn't be driving in New York, unless it's for a specific type of job.

Here are five worst types of cars to be driving in the State of New York.

5 Worst Cars to Drive in New York State

Here are the five worst kinds of vehicles you could be driving in New York State.

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