Tis the season for the "candy" peeps and if you are a person who enjoys these marshmallow treats, this letter is for you.

What is wrong with you? Peeps might be the worst "candy" that you will find in your Easter basket.

Peeps have been around for a long time. They were first invented in 1953 by a candy maker in Pennsylvania. When they were first introduced, Peeps were only available in the popular yellow color and in the chick shape.  In the 1960s different colors and shapes were introduced.

Since they were first introduced the only thing they haven't changed is the awful taste. Anyone who enjoys that super sugary marshmallow taste is crazy. With all the other alternatives for Easter candy, why would you choose Peeps?

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Peeps are made up of a combination of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, various food dyes, and a pinch of salt, and that is what gives the Peep that super sugary taste.

The overly sugary taste is what I can't stand about the peep. It is like taking a spoonful, or better yet, a bowl full of sugar and chugging it down. Your teeth shouldn't hurt after you eat a piece of candy.

Don't get me wrong, marshmallows belong in some places. Like in hot chocolate, on top of sweet potato pie, or in the middle of a s'more, but covered in sugar and in the shape of a chick or rabbit is not the place to be.

So this Easter if you are filling up a basket with goodies, go ahead and grab the jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and even some egg-shaped bubble gum, but leave the Peeps at the store.

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