There's a reason why people say any team can win on "any given Sunday" in the NFL.  One of the factors to add in...the weather!

You can have an incredible team and still find a way to lose to an awful one.  Sometimes your team is just having an "off" day.  But sometimes it's the weather that has a huge impact on the outcome.

The Bills are coming off one of the toughest weather games they've ever played in.  When they went to Miami this past weekend they saw heat indexes over 100 with high humidity.  Players were suffering from cramps and dehydration despite their attempts to get liquids in their bodies in every way possible.  Who would have thought that it would be the heat that would make it one of the worst weather games ever?

There's a list of the coldest games ever, but it's not always just the temperature that makes it hard to play.  They play through rain and snow too!

Over the years, the Bills have played through some pretty rough conditions.  Believe it or not, they weren't all played in Buffalo.  Here are just a handful of them that have happened since the year 2000.

1.  Bills vs Browns in Cleveland (2007)The 8-5 Cleveland Browns took on the 7-6 Buffalo Bills and most people couldn't even see it.  It was nearly impossible to see the field or the lines on the field.  Sadly, the Browns knocked the Bills out of playoff contention that day with a win in Cleveland.


2.  Bills vs. Giants in Buffalo (2007) - We got a little bit of everything for this game...wind, rain, snow, and cold temperatures.  To make it even worse, the Bills were favored to beat the Giants and still couldn't do it. The Giants had to win to make it to the post season and they did.  This was miserable.


3.  Bills vs. Broncos in Denver (2008) - This one was just downright cold.  Notice it was in Denver.  The Bills were looking at temperatures of 17 degrees with a wind chill of 7!


4.  Bills vs. Colts in Buffalo (2010) - It was the last game of the year of the 2009 season.  The Colts weren't even playing their starters because they were already in the playoffs.  The Bills were not.  Manning would be on the sidelines for most of the game but man did it snow!  Oh...and it was cold too...12 degrees, wind chill of minus-2.


5. Bills vs. Browns in Buffalo (2010) - This is the worst game I remember sitting through.  It was rainy and windy.  While there wasn't any snow, it was worse.  We all got soaked and it was just cold enough to be miserable.


6. Bills vs. Colts in Buffalo (2017) - It would be hard to remember worse weather than this one.  The snow was up to the players' shins.  I've got the vision of Tre'Davious White doing jumping jacks and dancing in the snow burned into my brain.  This one was iconic.


7. Bills vs. Patriots in Buffalo (Monday Night 2021) - It was cold, but the real impact on the game was the wind.  The Patriots never even passed the ball.  They ran every single time.  I remember sitting in the end zone watching the kickers attempting field goals.  They would go up and take almost a 90 degree turn away from the goal posts.


8. Bills vs. Patriots in Buffalo (Playoff game 2021) - This one was a little more fun for Bills fans to watch.  Just a few days later, the Bills got to host the Patriots again.  It was without a doubt one of the coldest on record.  This one was a little easier to take too...the Bills never punted.


9. Bills vs. Dolphins in Miami (2022) - This was like nothing I've ever seen.  Players on both sidelines were cramping and getting dehydrated.  They were dealing with heat indexes of over 100 degrees and high humidity.  It's not often that warm weather creates for bad football, but this one should definitely make the list.


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