We are always looking for new ways to make our waterfront more attractive - not just for us, but for other people to come and see what Buffalo is all about.  Baltimore has used this receptacle to help clean up their waterfront.  Would it work here in Buffalo?

People there call it Mr. Trash Wheel and it uses natural resources to move its way around the Jones Falls River to pick up floating debris.

The current turns the wheel which raises trash to the surface then it gets put into a dumpster barge.  When the dumpster gets full, it's towed away by a boat and another is put in its place.

When the current isn't strong enough to turn the wheel, there are solar panels that take over to "do the dirty work" so to speak.

To date, Mr. Trash Wheel has removed 1,094,340 lbs of debris since May 9, 2014!  That includes, plastic bottles, polystyrene containers, cigarette butts, plastic bags, and more.


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