Would This "Trash Wheel" Help Here In Buffalo?
We are always looking for new ways to make our waterfront more attractive - not just for us, but for other people to come and see what Buffalo is all about.  Baltimore has used this receptacle to help clean up their waterfront.  Would it work here in Buffalo?
Kayaking Through Buffalo's Silo City [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
It was voted the "Top Activity To Do On The Waterfront" by you! Kayaking! Why is it so popular near Canalside and the Buffalo river? Because it's fun! You can be smack dab in the middle of nature or next the bustling Canalside and Riverworks...
Buffalo Silos!
They're going to be the 'largest six-pack in the world'! Down by the waterfront in Buffalo a lot has been going on to redevelop the area in addition to these 6 silos turned into giant Labatt cans!
Only in Buffalo would we turn grain silo's into a 6 pack advertisement...