So, there is this rumor that if you have a tattoo of Brantley Gilbert, his initials, his lyrics, branding--ANYTHING associated with Brantley Gilbert, that you get into his concerts for free. I mean, unless you get it removed, I guess you could probably go forever to his shows, right?

It all depends how diehard you are, right? (or cheap, I suppose)

Think about you can buy a 100 dollar tattoo and go to probably 10 Brantley Gilbert concerts (at least) in your lifetime. But, it has to be showing. The tattoo can't be on your bottom where nobody, including yourself will ever see it. Is it worth it?

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If it were the Buffalo Bills or the Sabres would you get a tattoo IF they suddenly allowed you to go to every game for the rest of your life. You'd basically be a human billboard for the team, but you get to go to ever single game for the rest of your life. That's a lot of games. Plus, you get first dibs on the Superbowl and playoff games, but who knows if it is worth it in 50 years.

Do you have a tattoo you regret? Have you ever gotten one covered up or removed and we need to know: DID IT HURT?

UPDATE: He has not confirmed this or denied this, but has said he knows nothing about his team doing this. 

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